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Canopy Partition
Canopy Partition
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A. Nevai
Department of Mathematics (Math)
University of Central Florida (UCF)
4393 Andromeda Loop N
Orlando, FL 32816-1364

Research Summary
I use mathematical approaches to address problems that arise in biology. Recently, my work has centered on three main areas of theoretical ecology: species interactions (plant competition for sunlight, interactions at multiple spatial scales, predator-prey switching, structured resources, and resource theft), the spatial spread of infectious diseases (rabies and dengue), and the evolution of optimal choice (state-based decision-making in foraging gray jays, the honeybee nest-site selection process, and animal-mediated seed dispersal). I am also interested in species persistence and permanence within ecological communities; the dynamics of spatially (or otherwise) structured populations; classical and social foraging theory; the behavior and physiology of animals and plants; and formulating ecological models that make use of mechanistic reasoning and principles.